Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12 Full

Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012
Premium but Free - Feature Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12 Full

Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12 Full
Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12 Full adalah  software untuk mengontrol komputer,mungkin anak2 atau temen2 atau adik/kakak atau mungkin pacar sobat hehehehe bagi yang punya kwowowow sering pakek komputer sobat. nah untuk bisa memantau kegiatan mereka nih sobat bisa pakek software kok sob...silahkan terjemahkan sndiri yach featurna kwowowow...itung2 juga sobat smbil belajar bahasa asing tuh hihihihihi...

Feature Salfeld Child Control 2012 v12 Full

  • Give children an “allowance” of time Child Control keeps track of the time your kids spend in front of the computer. Once their time is up, the computer automatically shuts down and won’t start up again—something any kid can understand. Our experience has shown that Child Control verdict is accepted without arguments—there is no debate and no discussion. Another way of looking at it: “Child Control gives your kids back time that they are then free to spend in other ways.”
  • Safety on the Internet It isn’t always easy to watch your young ones’ every move on the computer—and it’s even harder to follow what they’re doing on the Internet. Child Control can also help you here, by automatically shutting the door on their Internet connection once their allotted time is used up. Parents can easily regulate how many hours a day each child can spend on the Internet, and even specify the precise hours of the day when the gate to the worldwide online community will be available.
  • The Dark Side of the Internet Sure, you can find any number of sites that are useful for learning, reference, and games. Then there are the other ones that are clearly inappropriate for children and teens. Some parents also worry about their children ending up on one of these sites by accident, or as the result of a dare. These fears can be quickly put to rest by Child Control, which has already made a name for itself in Internet monitoring.
  • Control Internet access using filters Child Control lets you activate filters to block all websites oriented toward violence or sex. You can also filter out specific words that may appear on various websites. Alternatively, you can limit access to only the websites that you specify. In that case, your kids will only be able to access these sites, and all others will be off-limits. In the current version, parents can also limit their kids’ stay on certain sites to a specified time, so that eventually they will have to put their online games away and get back to their homework.
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Download Safield Child Control 2012 v12 Full
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